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September 5, 2019


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Reasons to Have an Employee Assistance Program

Employers have been searching for a way to boost their employees’ productivity for quite some time without any success until employee assistance program came along. An employee assistance program boosts the performance of employees by helping them solve personal issues. Employees are usually battling different issues from one to another and hence the reason why employee assistance programs is offering different programs to suit their needs. At the workplace, the employee assistance program is beneficial to employees in several ways including the ones below.

Whenever employee assistance program like the one offered by LifeWorks is introduced at a workplace, production is increased because it helps employees solve their personal issues. Communication of the availability of the employee assistance program is extremely useful in encouraging employees to use it, even though it is extremely affordable to implement if you consider the annual cost per employee. Since troubled employees take more sick days and make more insurance claims, having employee assistance program in place will help reduce these issues and thus reducing the cost on businesses.

Employee assistance program gives your employees a confidential space to discuss their problems and seek support with more freedom without fearing any repercussions. Employees are always able to get the assistance they need even over the weekends because the employee assistance service offered by LifeWorks is available twenty-four hours, seven days a week. Since employee assistance program usually offer counseling services for employees and their families, employees are likely to be more loyal to an employer they know care about them. Before an employee’s problem becomes worse, employee assistance program is also available to solve it.

Employees usually have personal problems that affect their production seriously leading to termination, but with employee assistance these issues can be easily resolved. When left on their own, most employees are usually confused and might not know where to get the help they need, but with employee assistance program, the counselors sort out these issues and help with appropriate referrals. The daily support provided by employee assistance program; financial and legal help in keeping the home life of employees’ manageable.

Managers and supervisors usually deal with several issues which you can view here to find out, employee assistance program provides them with the right skills and knowledge through training to deal with these issues. The trainings provided by employee assistance program both onsite and online increase awareness of the program and also educates managers and supervisors on how to deal with workplace issues. In addition to workplace issues, employee assistance program can also help with legal issues, childcare and treatment programs among others. These are the reasons to considering having employee assistance program now! The key to enhancing the level of productivity in your organization is adopting the idea of employee assistance program.